Just how effective are First Aid courses?

January 26, 2016

Most people will agree that a First Aid accreditation is a useful (and often mandatory) qualification to hold; and few survivors of a medical emergency would doubt their efficacy – especially when incidents take hold outside of a clinical setting. But just how effective are first aid courses? An October 2014 study by The British Heart Foundation (released under their campaign to ‘Create a Nation of Lifesavers’) discovered that 80% of all cardiac arrests (or around 30,000 of them) occur outside of a hospital setting; when the emergency services must be dispatched to remote locations. In such circumstances, time is clearly of the essence. Do you have the skills to preserve or maintain life until help arrives? First Aid skills concern much more than dealing with cardiac arrests, however.  The British Red Cross compile a heart-warming collection of ‘First Aid True Stories’ that demonstrate the effectiveness and enormous value rightly attributed to trained ‘first aiders’ – from road traffic accidents and choking incidents through to falling pen

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